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Looking for where to buy paint? You are on the right site! Mats to buy paint . Welcome! We offer a wide range of paints all kinds and colors you can buy online at very affordable prices. Take part in ongoing actions or follow certain terms and conditions of sales and get even more benefits from your purchase! Varnish paint glue. And about some features of the choice of paint you will learn from the attached article.

Classification of types of paint

Paint is a mixture of pigment of different colors with a substance that can form a film when applied and dried. There are several main features by which they can be divided into types. The first division occurs by the type of film-forming substance that is part of the paint. Paint NC mal. So allocate acrylic, water emulsion, oil, silicate and other types. Most of them are suitable for outdoor use and are the basis for the manufacture of exterior paints as when dry, create a waterproof film that keeps the painted surface from temperature extremes and excessive moisture. The next criterion for the allocation of types of paints is the scope of their use. In the textile industry, paint for fabric is used. It perfectly penetrates into fibers of various composition, is fixed and gives to finished products unsurpassed colors and shades. In hairdressing apply special paint for the hair. It is with their help, you can change the image and radically change the appearance. Paint for ceiling price . To paint the machines is automotive paint. Their composition and texture when applied create an even layer, without any transitions and boundaries. In construction and repair work can not do without paint for elements and surfaces of wood, metal, cement, plaster and other building materials. Mixing colors and their combination will help to make an excellent interior and atmosphere of comfort or transform the appearance of any home. There are different types of paints and the form of production. They come in liquid and powder. For the last solvents of various basis are used: oil, water, spirit, acetone. Accordingly, the different and their packaging. Liquid paints are stored and sold in banks, barrels, cans. Their main task is to keep from spreading and getting air, which contributes to the formation of a surface film, which leads to drying and damage to the content. A more convenient form of release in the form of aerosol cans. This paint does not require the purchase and use of painting tools and is immediately ready for use. To buy crack for walls. However, its use is more economical on large surfaces. When painting small parts too much paint will be sprayed by. Storage of dry paints and their packing at sale can be also in the form of cans, boxes or polyethylene packages. The main condition-full water resistance. Otherwise, the content may simply become unusable.

Improving the consistency of paint

Any of the listed types of paint, except aerosol, has a tendency to thickening, or initially requires a certain dilution. Therefore, the set of transactions for painting mandatory includes special substances that can dilute or dissolve the paint. To buy crack for ceiling. A distinctive feature of diluents is their ability to improve the structure of the paint without changing its properties and without disturbing the film-forming component. Dissolving liquids change the consistency not only of the paint, but also of the film-forming agent. This improves the penetrating power of the paint. However, it is not necessary to abuse the solvent, as it can adversely affect the main function of the paint, namely moisture. Paint mal GOST. In today's market of paints and varnishes you can find several main types of solvents and diluents: petrol, kerosene, acetone, turpentine. In some types of paints the reducing agent is ordinary water.

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To purchase the paint you need, please fill out the online application form on the website. In it, specify the type of paint, its number and color. Please provide your details for feedback. The production of cracks and the lack of . Automatic site system will calculate the cost of your purchase, taking into account the discount. You will be called by the specified number by the consultant on sale of paints to confirm the order.

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